Why are some of my Filters grayed out when using the PixelSquid PSD?

The PixelSquid PSD file is a 16 bit image, and unfortunately there are some older filters and effects that still only work with 8 bit images.

The expanded bit depth provided by a 16 bit image is generally preferred by Photoshop pros as it allows for highly accurate results when colour correcting and grading, and ensures that PixelSquid Lighting Contribution Layers composite correctly.

The 16 bit PSD can always be converted to 8 bit with Image→Mode→8 Bits/Channel. For best results remember to always convert the Subject [Layers] folder to a Smart Object prior to conversion. To do this, simply use Layer→Merge Group. If you need to do any work that takes advantage of the Subject [Layers] layer structure, make sure that you do so before merging this folder. Once collapsed, the image can be converted to 8 bit and all filters and effects should be available.

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